Loan Facility

We help you make financial decisions by providing an unbiased intuitive platform

Architect & Construction

In brief, we are NOT  “average” real estate company. You’ll feel the difference the moment you walk into our offices, speak with us on the phone, or meet us in person.

Rent services

We provide rent services in just Rs. 299 for whole year.

Our Key Team

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Rachit Gupta

We are real people who live and work in our community, and we work in real buildings that you can visit and touch and see.

About us is a division of Shri Bala Ji Enterprises, a wholly owned Shri Bala Ji is a website that provides a common platform for property buyers & sellers to locate properties of interest in India, and source information about all property related issues. Apart from buying, selling & renting properties in India users have access to the following services as well. mobile visitor can also visit on on mobile as it is mobile friendly website and you can access it on android /iOS. buynrents introduced the mobile website with features like mobile searches for property, agent, builder and price trends. buynrents also came up with an interface for the mobile users to post their properties, upload property photos and videos, edit details, and refresh listings.

Main Services

Loan Services

home loans concerns has been solved by Experts, legal & taxation issues can also been handled by our Tax expert, expert opinion and analysis of property trends.

Rent Services

Home Rental Services are the Residential Property Management Professionals who specialise solely in residential letting and in the private sector are now the  provided bu

Architectural Services

buynrents provides Operations Improvement, Modernization, and Automation solutions and services that bridge the gap between People, Process, and Technology. We provide the best Architectural Solution join us and feel the change.

24*7 Support

24×7  techsupport is one of the best online support services in the leading generation. 24×7 tech support providing quality services at anytime, anywhere by

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