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    UR Music & Video Began in 2008 in North Texas like a Live Event filming company. We quickly took over as the home movie to DVD transfer place to go in Southern Oklahoma and North Texas. VHS, VHS-C, Mini DV, 8mm, 16mm, Betamax, 8mm Digital tapes, even audio such as tapes and vinyl records there’s little that we simply can’t transfer to something you can easily see or hear now. We’ve dealt with Texoma Clinic, Save Phace and many other local companies along with bands from DFW we’ve done videos for. We’ve got organized the media and run cameras and sound for live hair shows in DFW and OKC. We always strive to increase the risk for customer happier in comparison with thought they’d be. Supermarket film a antique farming event in South Oklahoma which is be run on the farm network. To take care of up like us on

    Whether you have your video production finished with us or somebody else we can easily help finish out your video production with DVD authoring as well as color printing on DVD and amaray cases that look like you purchased at a shop. Video production is our forte yet perform offer a great many other services as well. Relax and take a moment and find out what else we might have the ability to assist you with besides video production.

    In case you have a music or video event we could aid you the task easily and so on your financial allowance. We pride ourselves on never missing a deadline or budget after a lot more than decade of commercial in Grayson County.

    Storytelling through video is our passion. Taking your story and bringing it to life is our true gift. We aren’t satisfied unless you are content using your video and that’s our commitment. Our videographers are good at bringing out the most effective in their subjects try to have a keen eye for that artistic flare. Videography, digital film, directing, and producing, are typical facets that entail the skill of the moving image. We capture the moving image that can capture and move you.

    To offer to working with you and learning about your video project. Using the ever-changing web, video has get essential for internet marketing. Please contact us for those who have any queries or if perhaps you’d much like to debate assembling your project.

    UR Music and Video

    "If it has everything to use music or video we either do it or know who does"


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